Friday, April 04, 2008

Russian storm coming

I grew up with this picture. I have always looked at it as a symbol of peace, strength, plenty and safety of my Motherland.

I have never - never until very very recently noticed the two little swallows skimming the ground right at the bottom centre of this big painting (3.5 feet by 6 feet). Any Russian would tell you what swallows skimming the ground mean: a storm is coming. It's not just granny's tales — it is a natural phenomenon. Birds can tell weather, and old folk knew how to tell weather by watching birds.

Shishkin, Rye, 1878, o/c, 104 cm x 1887 cm
It doesn't puzzle me why President Putin (or his advisers) chose this picture as a background to a photo of him. Because few people notice the worried little swallows, a little detail in the big picture. Most look at the great pines and the sea of ripe rye, and think - what a beautiful, rich and strong world.

Storm? What storm?

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